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Hot stone massage is a natural modality of bodywork that uses water-treated warmed basalt stones as part of the therapeutic massage.  The shaped and smoothed basalt stones are made of volcanic rock, are comfortable on the body, and are able to absorb and retain heat incredibly well.  The heat is transferred from the stone to the client and is absorbed through the skin to relax and soften the muscles and surrounding tissue.  The result is profound relaxation for both body and mind.Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy:•promotes deep muscle relaxation•alleviates stress•relieves pain•releases toxins•improves circulation•helps open up the meridians (energy pathways)Health conditions treated with Hot Stone Therapy:•muscular aches and pain•back pain•arthritis•Fibromyalgia Syndrome•anxiety disorders•circulatory problems•insomnia•depressionThe session is more than simply placing warmed stones on the body and letting them sit.  The therapist performs a complete full body massage, paying attention to each client's specific therapeutic needs.  She holds the stones in her hands while massaging the muscles and, in some cases, can actually use the stone for deep specific work on muscle knots and tension.*The stones, water, and heating unit are thoroughly sanitized before and after each individual session.* There are clients who may want to avoid a hot stone treatment, such as those who are pregnant or have high blood pressure.  As with any therapeutic massage session, it is advised that you check with your doctor if you have any concerns. 

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