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As a massage practitioner since 1994, I was trained in Austin, Texas at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage Therapy; this massage training was added to previous Occupational Therapy training and practice.  The love of anatomy and physiology and the Idea of healing spurred additional learning of trigger point therapy, myofascial release therapy and craniosacral therapy.  In 2017, Reiki study was begun in order to further explore my deep fascination of empowering one’s own mind for Healing.

All these disciplines have intuitively merged together and become an opportunity for exploring true healing as first and foremost mind-based: as mind makes the body consciousness.  To me, the desire for true healing is Joining in mind with each client as they receive massage therapy—trusting their own ability to self-Heal by accessing their inherent inner power within.  Dropping the preoccupation with any train of thought that seems to block awareness of that inner power Source is urged during a session.  I now regard the receiving of any bodywork modality as a means to go within and invite self Healing experience.

Joining Full Circle Massage & Wellness in November of 2015, the rediscovery of fun and joy in collaborative practice with Fletcher, Laura and now Suzanne has enriched my 23+year massage practice.
Clients are accepted by appointment only.  Contact Janine Rogelstad, LMT at:

(585) 233-0530 [text able]

My 2018 fees for massage therapy services are as follows:
Massage – 75 minutes or less$120.00
Massage – 90 minutes or less$150.00
Package of (3) – 75 minutes or less massages$300.0
[15+ discount for prepayment or $100 per massage]
Package of (3) – 90 minutes or less massages$382.50
[15% discount for prepayment or $127.50 per massage]