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Cupping Tx


Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps used cupping treatment throughout the games and the marks left from cupping helped bring Cupping as a SPORTS MEDICINE tool into the spotlight.

Is CUPPING NEW??? Absolutely NOT.Cupping has been used in  Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for thousands of years.

Historically, Clay or glass jars would have a small fire burned at the base, and when applied to the skin, the vacuum created as the jars cooled would create the negative pressure that allows 'Cupping' of the skin and fascia. The removal of toxins, and the traction on the tissues have been used therapeutically and  successfully this way around the world. This FIRE cupping is much riskier (for burning potential) but still offered by many TCM health care professionals. The two cupping systems I use are:

Medical grade silicone Cups which are easily adjusted for intensity of negative pressure- and can be left stationary or lifted and dragged to manipulate fascia through traction.

Vacuum Cups with Bio-magnetic elements. These are normally left stationary and are arranged in a pattern to promote lymphatic drainage towards the lymph nodes (axillary/arm pit and inguinal/hips). These do leave the more intensely colored marks associated with Cupping.

Cupping Therapy offered.     I use Cupping as an additional tool within Massage therapy. The 'negative pressure' that cupping creates allows the muscle and Fascia to be manipulated in a way that normal massage cannot. Combining  Deep Tissue / Medical massage with Cupping Therapy  offers significant unlocking of your  fascial restrictions.  There is an additional and noteworthy detoxification of the tissues and body which was the Primary Focus of cupping in TCM. While my focus is on increasing your Fascial Mobility, most people feel an amazing overall well being after. 

Cupping Disclaimer: Cupping does Leave Marks on the skin. This is not BRUISING, per se- but as fluid is moved to the surface, the fluid movement (including Lymph, blood flow and metabolic waste) does leave a mark. 2-5 days of gradually fading marks are to be expected. Some people can feel a little light headed after a full session, thus cupping intensity can be adjusted accordingly. It has been used safely for thousands of years.

To Experience a cupping enhanced massage session, contact Fletcher Matthes, LMT, Owner and set up an appointment 

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